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The Centrality of Christ

In today's Gospel (Mt 10:37-42), Jesus speaks directly to the Twelve, emphasizing the exclusive importance of having Him at the center of their lives. He urges them to prioritize Him above all, even above their own family members. Jesus calls for a radical commitment, symbolized by taking up one's cross and following in His footsteps. He makes it clear that those who cling to their own lives will ultimately lose them, but those who lose their lives for His sake will find true life. This point is significantly relevant to those who were and are being persecuted due to their faith, encouraging them to be steadfast and firm in their belief in Christ.

This teaching reveals the centrality of Christ in our existence too. Just as the heart supplies life-giving blood to every part of the body, Jesus should be the pulsating core of our being, infusing every aspect of our lives with His presence. He is the way, the truth, and the life, leading us on the right path and guiding us towards eternal happiness with God.

Having Christ at the center means accepting Him as the ultimate source of wisdom, values, and success. Worldly measurements of success are fleeting and ever-changing, but those who embrace the teachings and truth of Christ, living in love and charity, will find a path that never disappoints.

Furthermore, the Gospel reminds us to trust in those who are sent by Christ to guide and support us in our faith journey. None of us are born as Christians; rather, we receive the gift of faith through the influence of others who have believed in Christ before us. Whether it is our parents, teachers, or the community of believers in the Church, we rely on their witness to encounter Jesus. Just as Jesus entrusted His disciples to proclaim His resurrection, we too must trust in those who bring us the message of Christ. This highlights the importance of our faith community, which gathers to celebrate and nourish our faith in Jesus.

In conclusion, today's Gospel calls us to place Christ at the forefront of our lives and to welcome those who come to share His message. Christ is alive and present among those who love Him and those who are sent by Him. Let us embrace Him as the foundation of our existence, remaining open to receiving and spreading His love and truth. As the Mackenzie Catholic Parish, let us consistently remind each other to place Christ at the heart of our parish existence, our gatherings, and our being. Without Christ at the center, we are merely a social club catering to the demands of the world. By doing so, we actively participate in the ongoing journey of faith, inviting others to know and love Christ both now and in future generations. "Let Christ be the supreme love of your life." - St. Teresa of Calcutta.

Fr. Tien Cao

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