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Being A Witness – Being A Saint

Among many gifts that God gives to those who believe, being a witness of faith in an opposing environment is one of the greatest gifts. St. Augustine once said, ‘The greater the peril of the battle, the more the rejoicing of the triumph.”

The Gospel message of Matthew 10:26-33 highlights the importance of our daily witness to the faith in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. Knowing that the Lord is risen and alive among us fills us with power and confidence, as he desires the same for all who trust in him. Jesus wants us to experience resurrection like him. Just as the Father and the Holy Spirit raised Jesus from the dead to love him eternally, they also want to raise us up from the dead to love us immortally. Trusting in the Risen Lord empowers us, liberating us from all fears. The power of God's love is greater and surpasses any opposition we may face.

A priest once asked me, "If humanity was as good as a newly built supercar before the fall of Adam and Eve, and after the fall, some of the tyres became flat, what would Jesus do to save it?" I replied that Jesus would come and inflate the tyres so that the car could function as well as it did before. But the priest said, "No, Jesus would make the supercar fly without relying on the tyres anymore." Therefore, salvation in Jesus means that our humanity becomes more godly.

The Gospel this Sunday prepares the Lord's disciples for a time of persecution. Jesus urged them not to give up on him but to stand firm and unwavering in their faith. He assures them that if their belief in his resurrection is genuine, they need not worry too much about pain or suffering in this earthly life. He can give them a new, resurrected body that is more glorious and worthy than the one they currently possess. He will make them soar like angels. And the more they bear witness to him before the world, the more they will take pride in themselves when he grants them the gift of new life. Jesus reminds all of us that the Spirit of Truth will bear witness to him, and we too will be his witnesses. Thus, it is a true privilege and honor to testify to the Lord, even if it costs us everything, including our mortal bodies.

Finally, as Pope St. Paul VI taught the people of his time, and the Holy Spirit continues to whisper into our hearts, saying, "Modern man listens more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if he does listen to teachers, it is because they are witnesses" (Evangelii Nuntiandi, No. 41).

Fr. Tien Cao

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